What you see, is what you get!


TukkaMate believes in full transparency with our food. Unfortunately, the lack of transparency with pet food nowadays is common. We create recipes that are composed of lean proteins and superfoods to get your pet on track to healthy aging and growth. So, get fresh healthy pet food from our store. Our ingredients list is short and easy to understand because we believe, that's how it should be. Why add things to “preserve freshness” or “sprinkle unnatural flavor” for pet appeal?



Fast Food, Fast Problems!


We're not experts in preservatives and fillers or meat by-products, we chose to opt that yucky stuff from our meals. Fast food, fake ingredients. It's time to stop feeding your pet food that is just as unhealthy as fast food for humans and start feeding them natural, whole food ingredients.

Oh, and we never use chicken! More than 50% of dogs have some allergic reaction to chicken. It's one of the top three allergens for dogs.

Keeping it simple!


Compare our ingredients to the competitors:   






      Avocado Oil

      Nutritional Blend


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