What’s the difference between “animal-grade” and “human-grade” ingredients?

The difference between animal grade products versus human grade products is incredible, simply based on the quality but also the fact that regulations still do not require that products including animal grade ingredients are open to the public and consumers.

Every parent of a pet– we hope– only wants to care and love their four legged member of the family including their choice of food which is vital to their overall health. The bad news is that the majority of pet food companies use animal grade ingredients which is unclear to consumers since it is not required. So how do we let these pawrents understand what is really going on in the pet industry?

Since there is no “guide” to what laws are in place to determine your pet food ingredients, here is what we have come up with and advise being a human-grade company.

First, let's distinguish the two!

Human-grade: A finished product that incorporates all human-grade ingredients and is deemed safe and suitable for a human to consume.

Animal “feed” grade: A finished product that is unsuitable for a human to consume. A product deemed as animal-grade is only to be served to animals legally. These ingredients include by-products like fillers, chemicals and 4D-meats which are categorized as sick, diseased, deceased, dying or disabled. Also these ingredients, which are FDA approved and regulated can carry animal feces which consequently contains harmful parasites and bacteria.

Here is what we recommend to look out for when selecting your choice of dog food:

  • Human-grade

  • No fillers, artificial ingredients and vitamins or preservatives

  • Nutritious and delicious

  • Variety in combo’s to create a rotation of protein and support digestion

  • Ingredients that you can actually read and pronounce!

  • Price shouldn’t be a factor when it comes to giving your Mate a quality meal because in the long run you won’t be paying high vet/medical bills as a consequence of poor grade food.

  • No ingredients from China

If you’re ever unsure about the quality of your pet food ingredients we recommend that you call and ask your pet food manufacturer what grade ingredients they use and whether or not their food plant for manufacturing is animal or human grade.

We are proud to say Tukkamate ticks all the human-grade boxes!

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