What Exactly Is Human Grade Dog Food? Is It Any Good?

Updated: Jan 26

When it comes to feeding pet dogs, many owners find themselves wondering, what’s the best food option available for their pets out there? Well, firstly, you should know that the options out there could be a bit overwhelming, and there are chances that you must’ve heard plenty of chatter about grain-free diets and natural dog foods, but most importantly, you might be thinking: what is human-grade dog food?

It may come off as a surprise, but fresh human-grade dog food is quite a loose term to describe food that is edible for people, and therefore, can sound like it could be a nutritious option for your dog. However, there’s more to this term than the connotation that first hits to mind when it comes to human-grade dog food. So, researching the options available is something that must be done while being careful.

The Definition According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials

As owners start their search to serve their dog the best food possible, that could be worth the extra expense that is sometimes associated with these products. However, certain things need to be considered.

According to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), the term “human grade” has no standardized definition in the pet food world.

For a product to be truly human-edible, all of the ingredients within the product must be human-edible. Other than that, the product should be manufactured, packaged, and held in accordance with certain federal regulations. When all those conditions are met together in one item, then a product is labeled as “human grade.”

A claim that dog food is human grade implies that the food is edible for us. Unfortunately, that claim can be a bit misleading since the term has no real legal definition and doesn’t correlate to healthy food items for your pet.

Is Human-Grade Food Better Than Kibbles and Other Dog Foods?

Of all the things you should be aware of, you should know that human-grade food is better than kibbles until and unless it does not contain any ingredient that is not safe for your pet. Before purchasing any human-grade dog food, always make sure to check the ingredient list other than the human-grade label and look for any toxic or allergic ingredients. Some human-grade ingredients like garlic, grapes, avocado, and nuts like macadamia may bring in complications for your furry friend.

What Are The Benefits Of Human-Grade Pet Food?

Just like we humans want the best for us, our pets deserve that too. Human-grade food bears health potential over commercial dry foods that you can transfer to your dog by simply choosing the right food brand.

Here are some benefits of human-grade dog food:

  • They can improve digestion

Proper digestion has always been an issue in dogs. A dog with a healthy gut and better digestion can enjoy his daily activities more than a dog with bowel disturbances. Fresh healthy dog food with healthy ingredients can help dogs leave behind all the digestive issues with fewer stools. Human-grade food has resistant fiber in a lower amount, while the moisture level and nutrient availability are somewhat extraordinary.

  • These are the simplest foods

Human-grade foods are considered simple foods, and to whom we are kidding, simplicity has always been a good gesture towards a healthy life. Generally, five nutrients, including fat, fiber, essential minerals, vitamins, and protein, laid the nutrition foundation. It has also been proven that dogs with sensitive stomachs or food allergies can experience a healthy lifestyle by consuming foods with limited healthy ingredients.

  • They are the best hydration boosters

Most kibbles out there have lower moisture levels (8-15%) to fulfill normal hydration levels. However, natural human-grade foods contain 50% moisture which is sufficient to keep your furry friend hydrated. You should know that the maintenance of an optimum hydration level is necessary for dogs, so don’t ever overlook that.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what fresh human-grade dog food is all about, it’s time to provide your furry friend with the best possible diet they can ever have. However, when it comes to purchasing one, make sure to choose a place dedicated to making dog food, and who else could be better than TukkaMate. TukkaMate believes in full transparency with food, offering recipes that are composed of lean proteins and superfoods.

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