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TukkaMate's Holiday Gift Guide for Your Mate

TukkaMate's Holiday Gift Guide for Your Mate

For this Holiday season, we have curated a gift guide for our Mates! Simply click on the image so you can check out more on the product


Lucy and Co Holiday Collection

Limited Edition Holiday Plaid Pajamas

On Sale! $29.40

The cutest pajama set for your Mate this Holidays!

Super cozy and festive. Plus, you get a matching eye pillow for pawrents!

Limited Edition Winter White Bucket Hat


Match with your Mate this Holiday!

Perfect for the cold weather and picture moment with the family.

The Holly Jolly Puffer Vest


This vest is so great for early morning walks in the cold weather. So cozy and warm.

Also, this vest is reversible!


The White Reindeer Hoodie Costume


This hoodie costume is the absolute cutest!

Such a great price and comes in all sizes for all Mates.

Penguin Christmas Car Dog and Cat Hoodie


Do you have a cat and dog? They can match this Holiday!

Super cute and comfy hoodie for snuggles and the cold weather.

Santa Squirrel Rider Dog and Cat Costume


Looking to dress your Mates up in matching costumes this holiday?

This is the one!


Bibim Paws

Organic Sweet Potato Treats for Dogs


These organic baked sweet potato treats sprinkled with cinnamon are a great treat for dogs!

Also, goes perfect for the season.

Rosie Bunny Bean Store, Highland Park Los Angeles

Icelandic Cat Whole Herring Treat


Protein packed treat for your cat!

100% sustainably fished with no additives, preservatives, or supplements.



TukkaMate Ace Sampler


Looking for the perfect variety?

Our Ace Sampler comes with all combos!

3 x 12oz Dinky Di

2 x 12oz Bewdy Bottler

2x 12oz It's Bonza

TukkaMate Topper


If you are wanting to gift TukkaMate to a pup this Holiday, this is the one!

Perfect for transitioning to a TukkaMate diet.

TukkaMate Cat Food


Gift your Mate a variety of TukkaMate cat food with all three combos to try!



TukkaMate Dog Perignon Toy


Our Dog Perignon Toy is absolutely perfect for the Holiday season!

Comes with a built in squeaker and is so much fun.

TukkaMate Eco-Friendly Koala Toy


Not only is our koala toy eco-friendly but really turns up the excitement!

It comes with a rope for Mate's to play tug of war with and a built in squeaker.

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