Tips to Calm your Pet on the 4th

With the 4th of July coming up in less than a week, now is the time to start thinking about how your pet will be okay during this firework filled day. Between all the loud noises outside, your Mate will not understand what is going on, for all they know they think the world is ending! With that being said, here are some tips for how to better prepare and handle the 4th of July.

1. Easing a pawrents anxiety

Before the 4th arrives, you should definitely make sure that your Mate is microchipped, has proper ID tags and collar on. One of the most alarming things about this day is that every year hundreds of pets run away and go missing. Making sure that you are prepared for the day will not only ease your mind, but the anxiety your pet feels from you.

2. The morning of the 4th: Exercise!!

This is one of the most essential steps to prepare for the night ahead. With all the fireworks approaching, you should be taking at least 30 minutes to an hour or more of exercise to exhaust your Mate. Once your pet is tired from all the running around and playing, it will make them more calm and less anxious once all the loud noise begins. Also, if you’re off to a party they won’t be as mad once you leave because they know they got to spend ample time together.

3. Take them out for their bathroom break well before fireworks are expected to start

It is so important that you give your Mate enough time to go to the bathroom before fireworks, expected to end at 12pm, as they will not want to go out during. I’m sure pawrents do not want to experience the chaos either.

4. Staying Calm

The normal reaction when you see your Mate scared is to cuddle them; while this is okay and understandable, it is important to not allow that response as often since it teaches your dog that fearful behavior is rewarded. So, stay calm! Your Mate will soon settle after they realize everything is okay.

5. Food!

Sometimes a relaxant for dogs can be a full belly, much like us! If your Mate is exhausted and goes to bed with a full stomach, they will most likely stay relaxed and go to sleep.

6. CBD for pets

If your pup over the years has not reacted well to the 4th of July, try giving them a safe CBD supplement that will calm them down during the mayhem.

7. Calming Sounds

A tip that has worked for many is keeping calming music on for the duration of night. While it won’t completely block out the noise of the fireworks, it will drown it out and distract your Mate to a calmer environment.

8. Keep your Mate indoors!

No matter if your Mate is an outdoor pet, it is important to keep them inside during the 4th of July. Not only because you run the risk of your pet running away but that it is a better and calmer environment for them to be in.

We hope that these tips have helped and that your Mate this 4th of July stays calm and gets through all the fireworks stress-free!

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