Thanksgiving Treat for your Mate

Thanksgiving Treat and Tips

For this Thanksgiving, we have created a healthy treat that your Mate can enjoy as well! We have also added a list of foods to avoid leaving around or giving your Mate this Thanksgiving.

Foods to Avoid for Your Mate:


Raisins and Grapes
Seasoned Foods
Fatty, Salty, and Sugary Foods
Artificial Sweeteners
Ham and Turkey Skin
Turkey Bones
Macadamia Nutes
Dinner Rolls

Cranberry-Apple Sauce Frozen Treat


½ cup of cranberries

½ cup of cubed apple

½ cup of water

1 Sprig of rosemary


1. Begin by boiling the cranberries, cubed apples, and rosemary in water until all is soft

2. Find the rosemary sprig and throw out of mix

3. Use a potato masher or tool to make the fruit into a paste

4. Spoon out the sauce and place into molds then freeze!

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