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Safety Tips this Holiday Season

Safety Tips for the Holidays

Happy Holidays to all our Mates and pawrents! We hope everyone experiences love and joy this season and your pooch does too!
The Holidays are a magical time of the year, and they can also contain elements that may pose some threats to your fur baby. Here are a few tips on how to make this holiday the safest one!

#1 Watch out for the Christmas Tree

As festive as it is, a Christmas Tree poses numerous threats for your pet! If not secured properly, the tree could be easily knocked over by your pup, and water from the tree can often contain fertilizers or tree preservatives which could upset your dog’s stomach if licked out of the stand or on the ground. Additionally, the pine needles from a douglas fur are dangerous if swallowed! Pine needles can be sharp and possibly puncture intestines!

#2 Ornaments/Tinsels/Ribbons

All of these holiday decorations are shiny, sparkly, and totally attractive to pets! But ingesting tinsel or ribbon can cause major health problems if ingested, beyond an upset stomach. If ingested, Ornaments can pose threats such as an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, or even internal bleeding if the shards cause internal cuts. Keep these things far out of reach from your pooch!

#3 Toxic Holiday Foliage

Most holiday foliage, including holly, mistletoe, evergreens, and christmas cactus, are all toxic to your pets. The same goes for lilies and azaleas that are commonly used for holiday floral arrangements. While poinsettia is not truly poisonous, it can cause gastric upset if its sap is ingested by your dog.

#4 Avoid the Sweets and Treats!

Of course we know that chocolate is toxic for dogs and found in a lot of sweet treats, so this is the biggest no no! It’s also important to keep the temptation of feeding your pets human food/treats to a minimum, as this can cause major stomach issues to your dog. Feed them some human grade TukkaMate instead! Xylitol, aka Birch Sugar, is another toxic ingredient that’s found in cakes, cookies, yogurt, and even peanut butter. Overall, keep the human food for the humans and the dog food for the dogs! (Even though humans can totally eat TukkaMate if they wanted to!)

The holidays can be the greatest time of the year and even better when celebrating with your pup! We hope these tips help you make your holidays all the more safe and wonderful for your dog and that you both celebrate accordingly!

Happy Holidays!

Warm wishes, TukkaMate Team
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