Potty Training Your Pup

Adopting a new puppy is one of the great joys in life! A new fur baby will light up your life in every way! But like most things in life, the good comes with some challenges. In this case, the dreaded potty training! To make this process a bit easier, we’re here to share a few tips on how to properly potty train your pup!

1. Start with some puppy pads!

While learning to use the bathroom outside instead of inside would be ideal, cut you and your pup some slack in the beginning and start off with some puppy pads! Training your dog to use the bathroom on a specific pad in the house is a great start and it gives them the chance to relieve themselves in the case that nobody is home to let them outside.

2. Observe your pup and create a house training schedule

Observing and noting the exact times when your dog needs to go to the bathroom is a great tool for creating a schedule. For example, if your dog continuously needs to use the bathroom after playing outside, write it down and expect that moment to be constant! You should also expect your dog to use the bathroom first thing in the morning and before you both go to bed that night.

3. Control their diet

Since puppies tend to have immature digestive systems, they can’t handle too much food. Breaking up your new dog’s feeding schedule into three, small meals makes for their digestion to go a lot smoother. It’s also important to be feeding your new puppy the highest quality food, (aka TukkaMate)!

It may be gross, but examining your pup’s stool is the best way to see if they need a diet change. For example, it may be time to switch to TukkaMate if you notice your dog’s stool is too much, too bulky, loose, or stinky!

4. Praise praise praise!

It’s hard for young puppies to understand potty training! That’s why it’s so important to show tons of praise when they do it right! This not only makes them happy to see you appreciate them, but it lets them know that this is what they should be doing in the future. So cheer, clap, pet, etc., because in this moment, this is the biggest accomplishment in the world! Not landing on the moon, this!

5. Stick with one spot to begin with

\When showing your dog where and how to use the restroom outside, start by choosing the same spot the first batch of times. Their scent to that area will prompt them to go and they’ll begin to understand that outdoors is the answer!

There are few things as much fun as getting a new puppy, but potty training your puppy can be one of the hardest things about being a new dog owner! We hope these tips make your experience in this department a bit easier and before you know it, your pup will be an expert bathroom goer!




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