Planning Your Next Dog-Friendly California Staycation

Planning a local trip around California but don’t want to leave your pup at home? No problem! Allow us to hit you with some prime destinations that not only allow, but appreciate dogs in their area. You and your fur baby will have the time of your lives at these dreamy road trip spots!

1. Sausalito, CA

This beautiful area across the San Francisco Bay offers fun and exciting activities for you and your pup such as numerous pet friendly restaurants, kennel clubs, parks, and more. Even activities such as hikes, views, amazing food, beach walks, wine tasting and great shopping are all dog friendly. Make sure to remember a frisbee for a dreamy moment on the sandy shores!

2. Huntington Beach, CA

This adorable beach town is one of the best known dog beaches, with a mile long stretch of sand that will keep you and your pup running or walking down it forever! Soak up the sun, the sand and the water all with your fur baby at your side! Enjoy surfing? Not only is California known for their epic waves, but Huntington beach also offers an exclusive dog surfing competition at the end of summer (so you’ll have to wait until then), but it’s worth it!

P.S, if your dog isn’t the surfing type, this event also offers a fashion show, costume contest, and Yappy hour! But don’t worry, if your dog wants to learn how to surf, the beach offers private surfing lessons for dogs from July to September.

3. Healdsburg, CA

Are you and your pup wine buffs? Healdsburg is covered with world class wineries, eateries, as well as art galleries and charming stores! There are also tons of kennel clubs and dog friendly restaurants/patios where they serve up some local treats!

4. Mammoth Lakes, CA

This year round prime destination is super pet friendly! With dog welcoming cafes, patios, restaurants, and hotels, Mammoth Lake is the ideal weekend getaway for you and your pup. If you visit during the warmer months, dogs are allowed to feedly ride on public transit! This includes buses, shuttles, and gondolas! There are a multitude of trails where dogs are welcome to roam alongside you as well.

Hot tip" For the most epic Mammoth adventure, take your pup on the John Muir Trail, where dogs can go off-leash!

5. Mendocino, CA

In the coastal town of Mendocino, your pup can literally go anywhere you go! The coastal town of Mendocino also offers a wide range of dog-friendly activities. Many local parks, businesses, restaurants don’t just allow dogs, but welcome them and accommodate their dog quirks as well! So your furry bestie can accompany you on any adventure, like kayaking or canoeing!

At the Stanford Inn By The Sea in Mendocino, a plate of cookies and welcome package- which includes a sweet potato treat, water and food dishes, a stack of dog-waste bags, and two fresh sheets await you and your dog! This hotel has welcomed pups since the early 1980’s!

Remember, no matter where you decide to travel, you should always speak with your vet first and consider what type of pooch you have. A long journey with tons of activity could be uncomfortable for some dogs. Just like humans, your dog can get car sick or not be totally equipped for high adventure activities! Make sure your pup is in good physical shape and well-rested before your spectacular adventure!


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