New Years Resolutions For You and Your Pup

Happy New Year everybody! We hope you all had a fresh and powerful entrance into 2022. We know the new year usually comes with some new year's resolutions, so here are a few that you can commit to with your fur baby!

1. Go on more adventures with your pup

Now you definitely have to go on an extravagant road trip, but if you have an adventurous dog, why not explore around the neighborhood, check out a local park, or the beach? Or if you feel like treating yourself and your pooch, find a dog friendly restaurant around town and dine together!

2. Attend some training classes

Your dog doesn’t have to necessarily be badly behaved in order to attend a training or obedience class. Many dogs tend to enjoy a challenge and the bonding time with their owners that comes along with it! Additionally, training experts recommend a refresher course for dogs every few years.

3. Update your pup’s ID info

If you’ve recently moved somewhere in the new year, or even changed your phone number, this is a great time to update your pets dog tag and microchip information. It’s always best to ensure your pet’s safety.

4. Amp up the grooming

Regularly grooming your pet removes excess fur from their coat which reduces the amount of fur you tend to find in your clothing and furniture. Additionally, it helps distribute oils from your dog’s skin to the fur. Plus, many dogs love to be groomed and it can be a sweet bonding activity that shows your dog how much you love and care for them!

5. Clear out old toys

Just like humans, dog items need some decluttering as well sometimes! Take a glance at your dog’s toy collection and evaluate. No more holding on to old, tatty, and most likely germ infested dog toys. Out with the old and in the new! Treat your pup to some fresh new toys for the fresh new year.

We hope you got inspired by some of these dog-related resolutions we have to offer! We wish you and your pup an incredible new year filled with love, joy, and happiness!

Xoxo, TukkaMate


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