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New Year, New Food!

New Year, New Food!

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope this year brings in love, joy, and new beginnings. Some of you may be starting to tick the boxes off of your new year resolutions, but who said it was limited to pawrents and not our Mate's!

Start this year off with fresh, human grade, healthy ingredients and watch your Mate thrive! Here are some of our reasons why pups should make the switch this year to TukkaMate's fresh food.

100% USDA human grade ingredients

Here at TukkaMate, we locally source our ingredients in Los Angeles and actually buy from where the restaurants do too! This ensures that we are only using 100% USDA human grade ingredients which is super important. Many people do not know that animal grade meat includes sick, deceased, dying, or dead carcasses that can be bacteria ridden and you guessed it, not healthy for our pets!

Gently Cooked in small batches

All TukkaMate combos are gently cooked so that we aren't over cooking protein and ingredients so that the nutrients stay in tact. We also cook in small batches to ensure that all ingredients are mixed through properly and each back gets the right amount of nutrients!

Vet Formulated

One of the key reasons TukkaMate started in the first place was because our founders dog was so terribly sick. She was so frustrated with the food in the stores and what it was doing to her fur babies that she decided to put an end to bad dog food. We make healthy human grade dog food that was carefully developed with our holistic veterinarian. It is so nutritious and addresses all the issues that dogs are having.

Eco Friendly

At TukkaMate, we are eco-friendly! Our packaging is not only resealable to avoid mess in the fridge, but is recyclable. We believe in minimizes our carbon footprint to make the world a better place for the next generation.No food goes to waste, any excess produce or egg shells goes right back into the earth. We deliver in electric cars throughout the greater Los Angeles community and ship nationwide using eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging and ice packs.

We hope this helps pawrents better understand the reason why fresh food is so important for Mates health and longevity. We ensure happy and healthy lives for all fur babies ❤️
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