Make This Thanksgiving the Happiest and Safest Your Dog Has Ever Had.

The holidays are approaching and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Here are some tips on how to celebrate with your fur baby so you guys can have the safest and happiest turkey day!

1. Engage in some dog friendly activities

Whether it’s engaging with your dog in the annual family football game, a post dinner walk to burn off some turkey calories, or simply curling up with your dog to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV, etc. Most Thanksgiving activities are dog friendly! Include your pup in the fun!

2. Keep an eye on family and guest introductions

How exciting is it that covid thanksgiving is over and we finally get to have some real houseguests! This is a real treat but it’s important to consider how your dog feels about a bunch of new faces walking through the door. Depending on your pup's age and personality, let your guests know prior how to greet your dog for the first time. Children may get excited about a dog and run aggressively towards your pup which could scare them. Make sure to give everyone a run down before the festivities begin!

3. Be cautious of what your dog eats

We know it’s tough to say no to the puppy dog face. However, avoid feeding them human scraps as much as possible, as it can be detrimental to their health. To be more specific, you should avoid feeding them turkey bones, gravy, stuffing, creamed peas, onions, scallions, garlic, grapes, raisins, yeast dough, chocolate, sweets, and alcohol (obviously). Luckily, TukkaMate features turkey in our Bonza and Dinky Di packs so your pup can get into the Thanksgiving spirit!

Additionally, as you're preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, try to keep your pup out of the kitchen. Hot ovens and boiling water can lead to accidental injuries. Make sure to also keep the trash can closed so your dog doesn’t sneak a snack that could be harmful!

4. If it calls for it, have a dog distraction handy

A distraction chew toy can be an amazing resource for you if your dog gets a little rambunctious at the table, or if they are a notorious food sneaker! Throw your dog a chew toy (maybe one that tastes good to them), so they stay out of harm's way in the kitchen. You may know not to feed your dog scraps but your guests might not. A chew toy helps them stay away from the dinner table where they might usually be on their begging game.

5. Watch the decorative plants around your dog

This one may seem unusual, but try to keep your dog away from the decorative holiday plants. Some plants used for the holidays such as amaryllis, Baby’s Breathe, Sweet William, some kinds of ferns, hydrangeas and more, could be very harmful to your dog. Stick the plants on an unreachable counter or a place where your dog can never get to it!

We are most thankful for the loyal followers and customers of TukkaMate which is why we want to ensure you the safest and happiest Thanksgiving for you and your dog.


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