Inflammation Symptoms in Your Pup, and How TukkaMate Puts an End to It.

When your dog experiences any kind of inflammation, usually from an inadequate diet, it can pose some serious, harmful consequences for their well-being. To fight the pain in our pups, TukkaMate contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that are cooked in with love, making sure that all nutrients are sealed in each meal and not cooked out. Here are some symptoms of inflammation that your dog will be avoiding when on the TukkaMate train.

1. No more irritated skin for your pup

When your dog has red, hot, dry itchy skin, this is a result from increased blood flow to an area of their body while swelling occurs from the accumulation of fluid. Due to a wide range of factors including chemicals being released in the body, inflammation here can be very painful for your dog.

Luckily, TukkaMate uses anti-inflammatory foods such as lean protein, leafy greens, and vitamin/nutrient enriched veggies to make sure that your pup stops itching!

Mike Chen, a loyal customer of TukkaMate, explains that for weeks, his dog Stanley would itch his skin all night. When he went to the vet, they suggested that he changed Stanley’s diet. After trying a variety of kibbles that had no effect, Mike soon discovered TukkaMate and became interested in its holistic approach that was made with pure, human grade ingredients. It was then that he discovered the solution to his itchy dog.

“Two weeks after Stanley went on TukkaMate, he stopped his kicking and scratching. His skin is much shinier now and has way more energy” - Mike Chen.

2. Say goodbye to yeast infections for your pup

If your dog experiences allergies, they might tend to develop inflammation of the skin or ear. This inflammation often leads to a secondary bacterial or yeast infection that requires expensive and heavy antibiotics to resolve. This inflammation can also occur at the tissue surrounding the eye, making your dog's eyes appear puffy.

TukkaMate’s holistic, gentle way of cooking our food ensures that all the vital nutrients that contain these anti-inflammatory properties stay packed in the food, making it highly digestible and a preventative for inflammatory issues.

3. Ditch the digestive tract inflammation

Inflammation in the digestive tract is very common for dogs who eat food high in carbs such as kibble. This type of inflammation can occur in a variety of places, from the esophagus, to the stomach, to the small intestine, to the colon. Inflammation in the pancreas, called pancreatitis, is also common.

Unlike kibble, TukkaMate's human grade proteins and nutritious vegetables are extremely low in carbs. Our slow, careful way of cooking digestible TukkaMate meals make it so that all nutrients remain present when placed in your pup’s bowl.

4. Put an end to joint pain

As dogs age, the most common inflammatory disease is arthritis, or inflammation of the joints. Some symptoms you might notice if your dog has arthritis include difficulty getting up and down from areas, stiffly walking, lameness in one or more legs or reluctance to go up and down stairs. If you notice any of these symptoms, try the TukkaMate diet before you head straight to the vet which poses some expensive bills.

After he noticed his dog Cho’s leg becoming lame with age, loyal TukkaMate customer Tim Friedlander complained that veterinary advice was expensive and not useful. He wanted to find a holistic approach to helping his dog and came across TukkaMate.

“Two or three months after being on the TukkaMate diet, Cho is completely free of any kind of pain medication. She just eats TukkaMate, runs around like she’s a brand new dog, she’s full of energy which is amazing and doesn’t seem to be in any pain”. - Tim Friedlander

Dogs are way more similar to us than we think. Just as we suffer from inflammatory issues, our pups experience similar symptoms- and it shows. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pup such as skin irritation, pain in their joints, or difficult digestive issues, it may be time to consider what you’re feeding your fur baby and give TukkaMate a go.


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