Incredible Benefits of Feeding your Dog Fresh Human-Grade Dog Food!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Everyone knows that eating fresh and healthy food is essential for our overall health. But what about our dogs? Just like human beings, our pets also need fresh healthy dog food.

Our diets have been consistently improving day by day as we learn more about nutrition. People realize just how important the fresh food that they put into their bodies is. Nature is nurture. Yet, for many reasons, the diets of our dogs have not gotten an update in spans. It pleads the question, why do lots of dog owners still feed their pets highly processed food on a regular basis?

Most commercial pet food brands are devoid of lots of nutritional value by the time the food hits your pet’s bowl. Sure, your furry friends can survive on traditional commercial dog food, just like people can technically “survive” eating junk food every day.

So, if you want to keep your pets healthy, it is the right time to buy fresh human-grade dog food from the best and most reputed website like TukkaMate.

Keep your furry friends healthy and happy always!

Here are some amazing benefits of fresh healthy dog food. Let’s have a look:

Include Complete Nutrition

You may have already heard about the dietary benefits of eating whole foods. Right? Well, this is also applicable to our pets! Your furry friends are getting all of the nutrition that an ingredient has to offer by adding whole foods into your dog’s diet.

Just for an example;

Fresh food includes ingredients like whole peas rather than just pea starch. It means that your pets are getting more fiber and protein from the food, rather than just the sugars in the pea starch. By adding whole food to their diet, you can give them all the healthiest nutrients that keep them healthy and happy.

When you feed your pets with this diet, it means that they are less processed. The food preserves the integrity of natural vitamins and minerals in each ingredient, making it a more nutritious overall diet.

Fresh, Simple, and Pure

Fresh human-grade dog food is much more simple and fresher than other diets, and sometimes simple is best. There are five basic nutrients, including protein, fiber, fat, essential minerals, and vitamins. A fresh and healthy diet ensures that all these nutrients are met but with no additional additives. The ingredient list is very easy to read and understand with full clarity.

A fresh healthy dog food is also better for dogs with allergies and stomach infections because there are minimum ingredients to trigger dogs’ immune response or upset their stomach.

Good for Digestion

The best thing is that your furry friend can easily digest fresh human-grade dog food. A diet that is easier for dogs to digest means fewer and smaller stools, and more importantly, a healthier and happier dog.

Human-grade dog food is more bioavailable to pets and so more digestible. This is because it is lower in resistant fiber and higher in moisture as well as available nutrients.

Improve Hydration

Traditional diets are relatively low in water (approximately 8 to 15% moisture), which does almost nothing for hydration. When it comes to fresh healthy dog food, it contains at least 50% moisture! The additional water is great for a number of reasons. It helps burn extra body fat, increase the feeling of fullness, regulate temperature, lubricate joints, and deliver nutrients throughout the body.

The additional moisture can also potentially help your furry friends with urinary and renal problems.

Free from Contaminants

There are plenty of pet food companies available that claim to deliver high-quality dog food to improve their bottom line. But it is all about your dog’s health and life. So, it would be great to choose the best one like TukkaMate that offers fresh human-grade dog food at pocket-friendly prices. We offer quality foods that are completely free from additives and harmful contaminants. No food coloring, fillers, artificial flavors, or other unnecessary ingredients here!

Give your furry friend a reason to smile with fresh healthy dog food!

The Bottom Line:

Whether it is used as a full meal or just a topper, fresh human-grade dog food provides myriad health benefits. Our food provides your furry friends with the nutrition they need to live their best life.

So, what are you waiting for? Just visit our website to buy fine-grade fresh dog food without burning a hole in your pocket.

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