A Few Important Tips Help In Choosing The Right Dog Food

Updated: Jan 26

Serving your dog high-quality and well-balanced meals is the best thing that a pet owner does to keep your dog healthy. Good quality food maintains your dog's hair look shiny and sleek, gives a boost to his immune system, and keeps his digestive system in sound form. But when it comes to choosing the right dog food, the possibilities are practically endless. We will furnish you with a few tips to follow to get quality food for your fur baby with this feature.

Discern What’s In Your Dog Food

Officials of the Association of American Feed Control (AAFO) have set guidelines in order to administer claims a pet food and supplement manufacturing company makes on its label. As per the established guidelines by AAFO, if the food is said to be composed of a single ingredient, it must hold at least 95% of that particular ingredient and not including water.

If an ingredient combination is displayed on the label of the product, that combination must make up at least 95% of the supplement. For example, if the dog food claims to be made solely of Pork, pork must make up 95% of the diet. Los Angeles dog food online keeps it simple and offers a food diet made from beef, turkey meat, pork, eggs, avocado oil, etc.

Go Through the Ingredients Being a Conscious Dog Owner

Study the list of ingredients present in the supplement as, just like you, your dog also can't eat anything. Their body also demands a rich diet, nutrition value, fibers, energy, and a protein-rich diet. Also, keep a check if the ingredients are listed by weight. Dog food companies often provide food products that contain large amounts of moisture due to beef, eggs, chicken, or fish content.

According to some reports, more than 50% of dogs have some allergic reaction to chicken. So when choosing the right dog food, it will be wise on your part to consider food that has no chicken. Keep in mind, to save or cut down the cost, dog food manufacturers blend ingredients full of more essential nutrients but may weigh less as the water has already been drained for dry pet food.

Keep in Mind the Glutens and Grains

Controversies have surrounded pet foods in the past as food suppliers included grains, glutens, and by-products in their food supplements. Gluten allergies are commonly found in people, and considering this fact; numerous pet owners prefer gluten-free food for their dogs, believing that the same can be true for the canine species as well.

Many pet food manufacturers and suppliers use grain in their products as they are an outstanding source of carbohydrates. Your canines can effortlessly metabolize these carbohydrates and transform them into an energy source. At TukkaMate, we offer a blend of grains with beef, turkey meat, pork, eggs, avocado oil, superfoods, eggs, avocado oil to produce food under the guidance of an experienced veterinary doctor.

Keep a Check on Adequacy

When you consider Los Angeles dog food online, you'll also want to keep a check on the pet food label for a nutritional adequacy statement. The majority of packed foods by different manufacturers reads like "This dog food is complete and suitable for all dogs," "This food is ready-to-eat and balanced for adult maintenance," or "This meal is complete and suitable for proper growth and reproduction." Be aware that puppies have different nutritional needs in comparison to senior or adult dogs. So pick your dog's meals respectively.

Discover Feeding Trial Info

Before choosing the right dog food, look if the products have undergone a feeding trial or formulation check to meet the nutrient profile. Most dog parents prefer foods that have undergone feeding trials as they believe that the food has been fed to living dogs to ensure its quality. At TukkaMate, all our food products undergo feeding trials to keep a quality check. We offer human-grade dog food that is healthy and delicious. Moreover, we restrict ourselves from using preservatives and fillers in any of our products while remaining meticulous about ensuring all vital nutrients stay sealed.

Ask Your Veterinarian

Genetics, age, lifestyle, and reproductive status play a crucial role in ascertaining how much and what quality food your dog should intake. You can request your veterinarian to conduct a body condition evaluation for your dog, especially the growing ones, and ensure you understand the basics as well.

It's the most suitable approach to ensure your dog's weight is on track and even more helpful than the scale. Ask your veterinarian for a dietary recommendation, as your dog might need a little less or more than what a dog food packaging suggests. Some dogs require special food supplements that can help them lose weight, all while staying healthy.

Final Touch

Now that you know what aspects you must look for while choosing the right dog food, avoid yucky stuff, fast food, and fake ingredients from your dog's meals. You must try your hands on meals by TukkaMate, creating recipes comprised of lean proteins & superfoods to bring your fur baby on track to wholesome aging and growth. We are a dog food supplier offering food supplements made from a few and easy-to-understand ingredients, including beef, turkey meat, pork, eggs, avocado oil, superfoods, eggs, avocado oil, etc.

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