Importance of Omega-3’s

Most of us know that Omega-3’s are good for us as humans but did you also know that they’re an essential ingredient in your pet’s diet?

The benefits of Omega-3’s are vast and often illness symptoms can be corrected with the right amount of adding this to your pet’s diet.

When you experience these symptoms with your pet the first thing we should look at is nutrition:

  • Dull Coat

  • Low Energy

  • Itchy

  • Red, sore ears

  • Bad breath

  • Stinky poop

  • Achy joints

  • Generally feeling not that great

The pet food you buy at your local pet store only contains the bare minimum requirements for vitamins, basically just enough so they don’t get a vitamin deficiency or survey for instance. But is that enough to encourage a healthy long living, happy pet? It’s not. So when you see that bag of food that says it meets all the nutritional requirements, what that basically means is...This food won’t harm your pet, but that’s not a high bar.

Did you know that dog food has zero requirements for Omega-3’s? While Omega-3’s are one of the most important aspects for dog and human health there are zero requirements for it. Outside of the essential vitamins, which by the way do the bare minimum for your pet, it doesn’t do much good anyways since there are zero requirements for antioxidants. It’s hard to believe but amongst pet food in stores, there are no requirements for digestive enzymes for their gut and overall health.

One of the reasons TukkaMate was created was because our founder noticed how pet store food was making her pups terribly feel and knew there had to be a solution. Taking out all the unnecessary ingredients and adding nutritious, important and vital ingredients for dogs' health has been our mission and we have succeeded in doing so.

We believe in proper nutrition for your pet, which means food that has real vitamins and minerals that they will actually see benefits from. We are excited to hear from our new customers and the difference those see after transitioning diets!

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