How TukkaMate Will Reduce Your Carbon PawPrint

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

At TukkaMate, we are just as committed to being eco-friendly as we are to ensuring the health and happiness of your fur baby. From the way we produce our food, to the way we deliver it to your doorstep, TukkaMate is all about reducing our carbon foot and paw print. Here are some ways that we stay committed to mother earth, as well as our customers.

Tukkamate uses high quality ingredients and an eco-friendly production process to make sure that your carbon pawprint stays low.

  • We are a business with a small production process.

  • Mass production farming has some detrimental effects on the environment such as land and water consumption, and pollution from animal waste and with fossil fuel. Luckily, everything produced by TukkaMate is made with thought and care and is tested by the one and only Brooke Mason herself right in the kitchen before anything goes into packaging.

  • All ingredients at TukkaMate are carefully and locally sourced.

  • At TukkaMate, we believe in complete transparency with our simple ingredients: beef, turkey, pork, superfoods, eggs, avocado oil, and nutritional blend.

  • TukkaMate only uses restaurant quality ingredients that are sourced locally from Los Angeles, California.

TukkaMate uses electric delivery services

  • Small production processes and locally sourced ingredients aren’t the only way that TukkaMate stays sustainable.

  • At TukkaMate, we understand how harmful the effects of emitting gas into the environment are. This is why along with our free local delivery within the Los Angeles area, all deliveries are made by electric vehicles

TukkaMate uses resealable/reusable bags

  • We understand that the use of packaging for dog products can inevitably involve the use of plastic. However at TukkaMate, we are combating the mass use of plastic by including two meals per bag. Additionally, each bag is resealable which makes it all the more simple for you.

TukkaMate Uses Less Waste in Its Products, Making for a Smaller, Healthier Poop

  • Dog food that includes excess waste such as non-organic products can cause your fur babies to release more poop than usual, which isn’t healthy. Our ingredients are pure and simple, ensuring that your dog is emitting a healthy amount of his own waste!

To maintain our sustainability, TukkaMate supports Paws Journey, a Los Angeles based company which specializes in vegan leather products for our fur babies- reducing the use of harmful animal production.

Other ways that we recommend reducing your carbon pawprint:

  • Use Bamboo Products as Much as You Can

  • Dog collars, harnesses, and even toys!

  • Besides providing more durability, bamboo products leave more oxygen for our planet, uses 0 chemicals, and requires less water in its production.

  • Eco-Friendly Poop Baggies

  • We all know that picking up after your pup is one is the biggest responsibilities of being a dog owner. Let’s expand that responsibility to how we treat the earth!

  • Using compost friendly zero waste dog bag rolls is a great way for you and your furry friend to stay sustainable. Just make sure you’re actually composting the bags themselves!

  • Recycle/Donate as much as you can

  • It can be inevitable that a lot of dog products we already own are made of plastic. But we can still prevent the production of even more plastic by recycling what we already have! Donating your old pet gear/receiving donated pet gear is a great way to reduce the mass production of non-eco friendly dog products. Just make sure all products are cleaned and sanitized before using/donating!


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