How to Improve and Maintain Beautiful Fur for Your Dog

Good hair days are just as important to our pups as they are to some of us! Here are some tips (which includes the benefits of TukkaMate), on how you can improve and/or maintain your fur baby’s beautiful coat.

1. Maintain a healthy, high fat diet

One of the most successful and long-lasting ways to shine up your dog’s coat is to start internally. Lack of proper nutrients, such as omega-3, is one of the main sources of skin and hair problems for dogs. You can find omega-3s in food made with real meat, which is why TukkaMate is the go-to option. You should avoid dog diets that are low in fat and high in carbs as these can contribute to a duller, more lackluster coat and even cause dandruff. We make choosing the right dog food in Los Angeles easy because TukkaMate is packed with real, restaurant grade protein that contains omega 3’s. Additionally, omega 3’s don’t only improve the coat of your pup. Check out the other benefits from our previous blog post here.

2. Bathe with the right shampoo

Another way to prevent dull, lackluster fur is to practice regularly bathing your pooch. Human grade dog food is essential, but human grade shampoo? Not so much. It’s absolutely essential to use shampoo that’s specifically tailored to dogs because of their different pH levels. This means that using the wrong shampoo can disrupt their oil production and cause skin irritation. The solution to itchy dogs in Los Angeles is opting for a mild shampoo that avoids stripping away your fur baby’s natural oils from their skin. Another tip when it comes to dog bathing is the choose a shampoo that’s packed with vitamins and minerals that can help with shining up their coat!

Lastly, remember to not bathe your dog too frequently, as overwashing can disrupt their oil production and irritate their skin.

3. Regular brushing

In order to maintain that shiny, beautiful coat, you want to be brushing your pup every few days, regardless of their hair length. Brushing your dog is the key to removing dead skin cells, which will remove those dull vibers that make the fur less shiny. Brushing your dog is also great for their blood circulation because it eases the flow of oxygen in their body. As a result, their hair follicles will be improved, and natural oil production will increase, which makes for some glossy fur!

Make sure you’re using the proper brushes and combs for your dogs, making it more comfortable for them!

4. Use coconut oil

Treat your pup to a luxurious coconut massage! Moisturizing your dogs skin with coconut oil will improve their skin and make their coat shinier. You can massage your dog with the oil for a few minutes, and even add a few drops of it to their shampoo!

5. Hydrating is key

It’s vital to make sure your dog is getting enough water throughout the day because it helps to maintain their beautiful coat! Wondering how much water your dog should be drinking per day? Generally, about one ounce of water per body weight is recommended.

As with humans, your dog’s specific water intake needs will depend on factors like the temperature of the climate you live in and the amount of exercise they get. The more water your dog loses through salivating and panting, the more water he will need to replenish his system.

6. Speak to your veterinarian

Lastly, if you notice your dog scratching at their fur a lot, it could possibly be a sign of allergies. Since every dog is different, consult your vet on the right treatment.


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