How to Amp Up Your Dog's Energy

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Noticing that your fur baby doesn’t seem to have that usual pep in their step lately? Here are some ways to boost up your pups' energy so they can enter October with eagerness and excitement.

1. Increase fitness and stamina levels

Consider some fun endurance and aerobic exercises where your dog can develop some stamina that will help strengthen their muscles and condition their bodies. If your dog is not used to strenuous activity, you should start small and incorporate one harder than normal exercise in their routine on a weekly basis. As your dog's stamina and fitness levels increase, their ability to recover effectively will also increase and thus boost their overall energy levels. Increasing your dog's stamina and endurance doesn’t have to be boot camp- this can be done by simply playing fetch and running around with your dog outside.

2. Consider the right nutrition

If your dog is physically active, then what you feed them is extremely important. You should be feeding them according to the levels of energy they may be expending normally and additionally, consider extra nutrition that might be required for them to perform at their best for a sustained period. Protein is important and TukkaMate brings healthy dog food to a whole new level. By using key ingredients for proper nutrients including restaurant grade meat, TukkaMate ensures that your dog is given the highest quality human grade dog food which will help boost energy. TukkaMate food exceeds our competitors when it comes to meeting the adequate amount of fat and protein that should be in your dog’s diet. Check out the details of how we compare to our competitors on our home page. Fun fact: TukkaMate has been known to be a solution to stop itching in dogs as well.

3. Make sure you give your dog some rest and recovery time post workout

After running around local Los Angeles dog parks, it’s a good idea to give your dog a cool down session. Make time for a gentle walk at the end of your dog's workout session to allow their muscles to cool down rather than just stopping right away. If you think about it, we do the exact same thing! Think of the ‘cool down’ setting on a treadmill which is meant to cool down our muscles instead of just stopping cold turkey. Same goes for your fur baby!

4. Never underestimate the power of H20

Giving your dog plenty of access to clean water has been known to maintain healthy body temperatures, sport hydrated muscles and joints, produce healthy poops, and flush out bacteria that could trigger urinary tract infections. So not only does adequate hydration support your pup’s muscles and joints to run around and get active, but presents plenty of other benefits for their overall health.

5. Always say yes to sunlight

Studies have shown that just like humans, dogs can suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) if they don’t get exposed to the adequate amount of sunlight. This can cause them to be depressed, act lethargic, and possibly lose their appetites. Since the colder seasons are approaching, it’s important that we remember to take advantage of the sun when it’s out and make sure our dogs get their healthy dose of vitamin D. You can also expose your dog to the sun by placing their bed in a sunny spot for a nap filled with sunshine!

It’s also so important to consider the age of your dog! A gradual lack of energy may be normal as your dog reaches an older age and older dogs very well may not require a huge amount of intense exercise. See what your dog is comfortable with and go from there!


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