Get the Most Pawfect Gift For Your Pup This Holiday Season

The holidays are just around the corner and we can’t wait! We’re sure you’ve been planning your gifts for your friends and loved ones, but let’s not forget about your fur baby! Here are some adorable gift ideas for your mate!

1. A thermal heated doggy bed

This is the perfect gift for dogs who get chilly easily! This will keep them cozy during the colder months of winter and they will absolutely adore you for it!

2. A customized pet collar

Not only does this allow for their name to be in large letters across their collar, it makes for an excellent fashion statement as well. Who said a dog can’t be trendy?

3. Their very own pet portrait

Framing an adorable flick of your pup is the perfect addition to all of the family photos you have already hanging! It’s the cutest touch and will make your dog feel special and truly part of the family.

4. A glow in the dark toy

While a normal toy is great, playtime shouldn’t be limited to the sun going down earlier because of daylight savings! Make playtime possible in the dark with a glow in the dark ball or rope so you can play some pre or post dinner fetch in the backyard!

5. A personalized pet stocking

If you celebrate Christmas, or even if you don’t and just like the tradition, get into the holiday spirit with a personalized Christmas stocking for your dog! Hanging their name over the fireplace shows that they are part of the family and you can fill the stocking with some toys, treats, and TukkaMate!

6. A vegan leather dog collar

Hit up Paws Journey, an amazing dog accessory company that makes sustainable, vegan leather leashes, collars, and more. TukkaMate is all about sustainability so we think their products are a MUST! Shop here for an adorable, environmentally and animal friendly dog accessory:

7. A dog bandana

The cutest accessory and a perfect way to get festive for the holiday season!

8. An LED dog collar

For those walks at night, it’s a great idea to invest in a light up collar. This is also great for the unlikely emergency situation in which your dog bolts out the door unexpectedly! They’ll be easy to spot at night for you or someone else to rescue them.

We hope that you enjoy the holiday season with your family, friends, and of course your pup, and that these gift ideas provide some inspiration for what to get your fur baby!

Happy Holidays!

Xoxo, TukkaMate


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