Are you Feeding the Right Holistic Dog Food To Your Pet?

Dogs are a remarkable resemblance of companionship and company, which can reassure people who yearn for unconditional interaction with another human being.

Dogs can be a great companion for human beings to avoid loneliness and can make you cheer. Just as we need nutritious food to lead a healthy life, at the same time, your friend also craves holistic dog food.

According to American Pet Products Association, around 2018, American pet owners spent $30.32 billion on pet food, which represents an inevitable hike of 4.3 percent over 2017 spending. During the lockdown phase, there was an upshift of 20 percent in pet adoption, directly affecting pet food sales in 2020.

Holistic dog food - An approach To Improve Your Friend's Health

Before proceeding, our audience must glimpse the holistic dog food approach. Holistic dog food is used for your dog's whole-body health. The food constitutes a spoon of natural ingredients of human-grade quality, excluding harmful chemicals and sewage sludge and avoiding using fertilizers.

We believe that a portion of good food can rejoice in your dog's health and make your friend feel good. In the same way, TukkaMate is concerned with the availability of nutritious food at an affordable price.

An Aggregate Approach Toward A Puppy Food?

As the puppy grows, it requires a higher level of protein and fat to support growth than an adult dog. A holistic food approach is needed, enriched in nutrients like DHA, omega fatty acid, and calories.

Can We Offer Fruits To Our Dog?

Yes, fruits are the primary nutrition source that may help improve your dog's health. But, wait, some fruits positively affect your dogs' health. Bananas, Apples, Strawberries, Blueberries.

Does Diet Affect Dog's Behavior?

It depends on the quality of food you are offering to your dog. Suppose, instead of protein and holistic dog food, a high-carbohydrate diet may result in a high level of aggression and often mood swings.

Food That Harms Our Dogs Health

As a responsible dog parent, you must avoid a few fruits that may affect your dog's health—onions, garlic, corn, avocado, alcohol, and artificial sweetener. For more information, you can scroll through our official website -Tukkamate.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing Holistic Dog Food

  • Food Freshness is Important

Fresh fruits have a shorter shelf life which is suitable for having high nutritional content. As a responsible dog parent, you must rely on a new food service that delivers at your doorstep.

  • Age-Based Food

While purchasing a portion of food, checking whether you have a puppy or a fully grown dog is essential. If the food is not according to your dog's age, it may lead to joint pain for senior dogs.

Always have a Sealed Food Package

A portion of dog food should always be in proper packaging, and a loose food package is a sign of manipulation of the food. So, it is better to have a pack of dog food for safety measures.

Where Can We Order Our Dog Food?

TukkaMate is the perfect source where you can have holistic dog food. We have a collection of puppy food, dog food, and more. We diligently serve dogs all over the city of California, Los Angeles, now with a commercial place including a kitchen and dog chef. Contact us directly for quick dog diet consultation.

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