Encouraging Paw-sitive Behavior in Your Dog

Just like a human child, encouraging positive behavior in your fur baby is vital. The way you interact with your pet shows in their actions and can really affect how they act in the household and towards other humans and dogs. Check out these tips on how to encourage loveable, positive behavior in your dog!

1. Spend time with your dog!

Just like humans, no dog likes to be neglected. Regularly spending time with your dog shows them that you care! Dogs are more likely to reciprocate with love, happiness, and affection when you show the same for them. Also, nobody should ever yell at their dog! If you have a stern request for them, say it with a smile. Dog’s read you facial expression and tone before understanding actual words.

2. Don’t shy away from rewarding your dog.

Being praised is a great feeling, and dogs would also agree! When your dog does something well, give them a pat on the head. This is especially effective after your dog overcomes a challenge. Praising your pet not only encourages better behavior from them in the future, but can also strengthen your bond. A tip for rewarding your dog is to buy plenty of treats!

3. Play games and keep it fun!

Playing fun games with your pup is a great way to keep them happy and exhibit good behavior. This can even be as simple as a game of fetch, frisbee, tug of war, or even just running around. Sometimes, your dog could be behaving badly because of restlessness. Getting them to run around even for 15 minutes can majorly impact their mood and actions.

4. Create a routine for your dog.

When you establish a consistent routine, you are creating the stable and nurturing environment that’s necessary for implementing positive behavior in your dog. Try to avoid adjusting your schedule around your dog. Show yourself doing your daily tasks at the same time everyday in front of your dog so they begin to understand their family schedule. Make sure your pet has access to water all day and also has time to spend time outside.

5. Encourage your dog to relax!

While exercise plays an extremely important role in your dog’s health, it’s also vital to put time aside for you and your dog to relax. If you don’t allow your dog to unwind and reward the behavior, you may notice that your dog will become restless and constantly seek your attention. If this is happening, your dog may be under the impression that they automatically get affection or a pat on the head every time they seek attention. Instead, give them a treat for quietly relaxing so they’ll know that it’s a good behavior to exhibit.

No dog is perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with a little encouragement when it comes to their behavior. This encouragement can even be fun a lot of the time and most definitely pays off in the long run. Encouraging paw-sitive behavior in your pup will create a wonderful and loving relationship between you both.




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