Don't Fall For The Puppy Eyes- Learn How to Avoid Overfeeding Your Pup!

We know TukkaMate is irresistible, and so can be the puppy eyes coming from your dog when they want seconds! But overfeeding your dog can lead to serious health risks, and turn into a vicious guilty cycle. Here are a few tips on how to implement portion control with your pup!

1. Document their feeding habits

The best way to determine whether or not you overfeed your dog is to write down what they eat and how many times they eat their food throughout the day. Make sure to include every little bit and scrap as well! That way you can accurately account for how much room TukkaMate is actually taking up in their stomach!

2. Feed your dog the recommended amount according to their body weight

TukkaMate provides an accurate recommendation for how much food to buy according to your dog’s body weight! On the back of each bag is a recommendation of how many ounces you should be feeding your pup per day. Make sure you stick with that! Overfeeding your pup can not only lead to your dog being overweight, but creates too high expectations of the amount of food they think they should be eating.

3. Give treats sparingly

Just as humans often try to limit their sweets intake, dogs should limit their treat intake! Too many treats can lead to excessive calories which your dog doesn’t need. We totally understand that treats are an amazing way to encourage positive behavior in your pup, (for reference, check out our blog on positive behavior here!), but to avoid giving out too many, check the back of your treat bag to see the recommendation for maximum amount of treats per day or do some research on low calorie treats.

4. Try to deflect your dog’s attention away from food post mealtime

The reason that most dogs overeat is the same reasons why humans do- because eating is fun and TukkaMate is especially delicious- we know! But overeating can obviously lead to health problems in your dog but diverting their attention to something more interesting can help. Try taking them on a walk, giving them a pet on the ground, brushing their fur out, or even playing some tug-of-war. Spending just 15 minutes of time doing something else with your dog can make them totally forget they wanted more food in the first place!

5. Put food away when you’re not feeding your pup

Since dogs are opportunistic feeders, they will tend to eat more than they need, seeing food as a valuable resource. This definitely works if they are living the life of a wild scavenger, but not so much in a domestic setting and if food is left out, chances are they’ll eat it. Leaving a bowl out and refilling it whenever it gets low makes it tough to track how much your dog has eaten. Feeding your pup measured out meals on a schedule not only solves this issue, but also creates structure in their day which is said to give them a sense of security.

We know how hard it is to say no to making your dog happy, especially when TukkaMate is involved. But understanding the risk of overfeeding your pup is important and we’re here for guidance! Portion control is everything and makes TukkaMate time all the more special!


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