Debunking Fresh Food Myths

#1. “Fresh pet food is less convenient than kibble”

A lot a pet parents associate fresh pet food with losing the convenience of feeding their best mate’s kibble. Sure, you can feed your dog a bowl of kibble with ingredients you can’t even pronounce for the sake of human convenience or you can rest easy knowing that your dog is eating real, fresh ingredients. The choice is yours, however when you feed your dog TukkaMate fresh dog food, you will not be losing any convenience.

From the packaging to what’s inside the package we have created a product that is both human and dog friendly. TukkaMate’s resealable package about leaks or messes inside the fridge unlike other fresh dog food packages. Other brands require cutting opening, leaving the pet parent’s fridge at risk of leakage or mess inside the fridge. Not to mention, when fresh pet food is not properly stored, it can be exposed to harmful bacteria.

We have rigorously worked to provide convenience for pet parents by offering a subscription based service, allowing the food to come to your door and eliminating the need to go into a store or constantly remembering to reorder your pets food.

#2. “Fresh pet food is more expensive”

When you transition your dog to a fresh pet food diet, you’ll see the difference in their health, mood and overall well-being. Fresh pet food has been found to help improve many dogs health, allowing pet parents to spend less time at the vet, saving them thousands of dollars worth of pet bills. Fresh pet food certainly will not cure everything, but it can save you time and money in the long run.

#3. “I can make fresh food at home”

It is not that simple! Although it is acceptable to give your dog the occasional homemade prepared dog food, such as bland rice and chicken for days when they have a sore tummy but the key word is “occasional”. It is always important to consult with your vet to discuss what nutrients and diet works best for your pet. TukkaMate was created with the help and consultation of vets. We not only provide your pet with a satisfying fresh meal but we have also worked rigorously to create the TukkaMate nutritional blend, making it healthier than commercially produced dog food.

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