Cost and Value of Fresh Food

When you buy your choice of dog food, the cost really equates to the level of quality you’re buying. When you buy a bag of kibble, you will notice fresh and appetizing produce from protein to vegetables; yet, it would not be as low of a cost if it truly was. Here are some reasons why fresh food differs in price to “cheaper” options of kibble, which will not support your pet's health and longevity as well as you would think or hope.

1. Health and Safety

TukkaMate is a completely different food than kibble or “premium-kibble”. Kibble follows the AAFCO guidelines which include meat and carcasses that are from an either dead, diseased, dying, or disabled animal, with that being said a portion of the produce is rejected for human consumption, meaning it is ILLEGAL for a human to eat, and then processed into animal feed. On the other hand, TukkaMate’s fresh food and ingredients are 100% USDA, human grade, vet formulated, and made in an USDA-inspected human grade facility.

The production of pet food, like kibble, is held to an extremely low standard of both quality and safety. The ingredients are processed with fillers, meal, and at a temperature that is known to produce carcinogens.

2. No meals, preservatives, or unnecessary ingredients

Have you ever seen the ingredient “meal” in your pup's food or some ingredients that are not only unrecognizable but you can’t pronounce? This ingredient is composed of parts of an animal, whether that be chicken, pork, or beef, including the residual meat, offal, connective tissues, and bone that is not for the consumption of humans. Meal is also made in a process called rendering which is when it is cooked at an extremely high temperature that is known to produce carcinogens and “sanitize” the meat from deadly bacteria.

At TukkaMate, we do not have any “meal” ingredients, any preservatives to keep the food from going off, or ingredients that your pup doesn’t need. Unlike other fresh food companies, we don’t add macaroni or rice as an added carbohydrate because it is not the proper nutrient your pet needs or can absorb. We cook weekly and freshly freeze so that all the nutrients stay in tact so that your Mate can receive their benefits and enjoy fresh food.

3. Ratio of protein to vegetables and other ingredients

Unlike other fresh and dry pet food companies, TukkaMate’s ratio of protein to other ingredients is at a high percentage of 75%. We don’t believe in adding unnecessary ingredients, like water sufficient for processing, meal, and fillers, because it is not what your Mate needs to support their overall health and longevity.

4. No risk of over feeding

When you start a subscription for your Mate, there is a detailed calculation that takes into account their weight, age, and activity level to know what subscription model they would be on. With bag sizes ranging from 8, 12, 16, 20, and 24 ounces your Mate will receive two weeks worth of food with one bag equating to two meals so that there is less waste. With that being said, the only way your dog would be overfed is because you decided to give them more. When it comes to kibble, animals cannot properly absorb the nutrients so you will find yourself constantly having to feed your hungry pet.

Next time when you go to buy a new brand of dog food, think about what you are really buying instead of what the packaging looks like, mainly for kibble brands that show fresh produce, but really it is just brown rendered meal. Support local today! @tukkamate

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