Choosing the Right Dog Food to Keep Your Dog Healthy in Los Angeles

As you need the right food to keep yourself healthy, so does your dog. So, you need to be very particular about your pet’s food. While choosing the right dog food in Los Angeles, contemplate the following things:

Age: Growing puppies need lots of good stuff to grow and increase their energy levels. So, they need to be fed in small amounts many times right through the day, just like a baby. From 3 to 6 years of age, they have a very healthy appetite. On the other hand, older dogs do not eat much.

Breed: You can start with the type of dog you have. Obviously, a small lap dog will have different requirements than a Great Dane. Size has a big role to play in the digestive systems and energy levels.

Stage in life: Things like growth spurts, recovering from an injury, recovering from major surgery, extremely hot day, pregnancy, nursing, dieting, training, change in a location like a vacation or having to stay at a kennel, and other things are a major change in their normal routine, but is only temporary.

Activities: Is your dog one of those hyper sorts of dogs that keep running throughout the day-long until they tend to break down at the end of the night? Or do you have a dog that wants to stretch after laying on the bed all morning to walk 20 feet and go lay down on her favorite chair until he is hungry or has to relieve himself?

What Should You Look for?

  • What you should look for is food that will provide your pet with all the required nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, protein, and some essential fat content in the form of acids. Bear in mind that foods of dogs have different levels of protein in them.

  • Look to see whether the dog food is suggested for inactive or active dogs. Most dog foods are meant for puppies, adults, or older, less active dogs. Most will also tell you whether they are easier for dogs of certain ages to digest than others. An older dog cannot digest a food meant for dogs leaving the puppy stage and moving into adulthood.

  • You might even be looking for dog food that helps a dog lose weight. The dogs that are overweight have a common issue in the US. So, it is no wonder that there is a whole line of diet dog foods to keep your dog healthy and save them from being overweight. Serious heart and other health conditions, including joint pain and other body issues, can be associated simply with the dog being overweight.

  • Another point is that just because it is a much better overall deal, sometimes large bags of dog food is not the correct choice. For example, it does not make sense to buy a 50 lb bag of combination moist and dry dog food for a toy or lap dog. The chances are the food is going bad before the little dog can get through it. On the other hand, you are going to go broke trying to buy little individual cans of moist food for a Mastiff.

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Briefly Put

Choosing the right dog food in Los Angeles is made easy for you. Bear in mind that as the right food is necessary for your good health, so is it for your dog’s good health.

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