5 Reasons that Make Human-Grade Dog Food the Best Pick for Your Pooch

The belly rules the mind most of the time, especially when it's time to eat food. Hunger pangs are common in humans as well as in their pooch. Is your fur baby feeling hungry? Is he or she sad because the bowl's not full?

Before you impulsively fill the bowl with any food item or dog food, stop and think about what you are exactly feeding your dog. Is the pet food you are serving healthy for your dog? Is it safe for consumption? If not, then it's time to make change the dog food to a better option.

Did you know? Most of the commercial pet food brands available in the market are unfortunately devoid of nutrition. Sure, your dogs can easily survive on traditional commercial dog food, just like humans can technically "survive" on eating junk.

But if you are fully determined to feed healthy food to your dog, then you definitely won't buy the same pet food for your dog.

What's up? Are you browsing the internet to explore fresh and healthy food for your dog? Stop surfing the world wide web because this blog got the right answer. When looking for dog food, Human Grade Dog Food is a far better option. The benefits of fresh human-grade food are truly compelling.

Read the complete blog to learn about the 5 great benefits of feeding the best human-grade dog food.

5 great benefits of feeding the best human-grade dog food.

1. Includes Whole Foods

We already know what a nutritional-rich meal can do to us. Well, the same is true for our dogs! When including whole foods into your dog's diet, they get all of the essential nutrition that an ingredient has to offer. For example, human-grade dog food includes whole veggies, oats, and eggs rather than pea starch. This means that dogs are getting more protein content than what was being served via regular dog food. There's no need to clean out the healthiest nutrients in your dog's diet when they can eat whole foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Whole foods are less processed. Gently cooked dog food can preserve more natural vitamins and minerals in each ingredient, making it a highly nutritious diet overall.

2. Simplicity At Its Best

Human-grade dog food is much more simple than other dog food and sometimes simple is best than the rest. Nutritional content revolves around 5 basic nutrients including; protein, fiber, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Fresh food ensures that these nutrients are met and there are no extra additives. The ingredient list of human-grade dog food is easy to read and understand.

Limited ingredient food is also a better option for dogs as it makes them less vulnerable to allergies or stomach sensitivities. This reason to justify this point is that fewer ingredients stand incapable to impact your dog's immune system.

3. Better Doggy Digestion

With human-grade dog food, comes a 100% assurance that the food you are feeding to your furry friend is a healthy treat for your dog. Another key benefit of human-grade food is that it is easy to digest means fewer and smaller stools, and more importantly, making your dog healthy inside out.

Fresh food is more bioavailable and therefore easy to digest. This is mainly because it is lower in resistant fiber, higher in moisture, and the rest of the essential nutrients. Higher digestibility results in greater accessibility of nutrients and rate of absorption.

4. Boosts Hydration

Kibble diets are extremely low in water (containing 8-15% moisture), which does nothing for hydration. Fresh food contains at least 50% moisture! The extra water is good for a number of reasons. It encourages weight loss, increases the feeling of fullness, helps regulate temperature, lubricates joints, and helps deliver nutrients.

The extra moisture can also help dogs stay clear of urinary and renal problems. Water helps to kick out solutes, bacteria, and other stone-forming compounds!

5. Additive Free

Some pet food companies mislead pet parents by mixing their formula to stuff unnecessary ingredients to tweak their bottom line. Playing around a variety of ingredients like cornmeal for actual protein is not the best way to feed your pooch. Protein is the first ingredient on the list and with human-grade healthy food, it is bound to not go amiss. No fillers, no food coloring, artificial flavors, or other unnecessary ingredients are going to be a part of this dog food!

The Bottom Line

Pet food is the heart and soul of your dog's health and a key to a healthier living route. This is the main reason why health-conscious dog parents do a lot of research and want to find the best one to keep up the health and overall well-being of their pooch. Nutrition and diet should be tailored to meet every specific need of your fur baby. However, human-grade dog food has many essential benefits, whether it is used as a full-day meal or pastime topper. Lastly, giving you a sense of satisfaction that your dog is eating healthy and fresh food.

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