5 Great Dog Shelters in the Los Angeles Area

In honor of October being Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, we decided to give you guys some helpful tips on where to go to adopt your new fur baby.

1. The LindaBlair WorldHeart Foundation- Acton Canyon Rd, Acton, CA 93510

Linda Blair, the woman who famously starred in The Exorcist, has been advocating for animals for the past few decades. Her two and a half acre facility in Acton California gives a safe, loving home for dogs who are mainly (falsely) labeled “bully breeds”, such as pit bulls and boxers. Her foundation is also dedicated to finding the perfect home for these dogs with usually over 75 dogs available for adoption.

2. The Amanda Foundation- 351 Foothill Rd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Founded in 1976, the Amanda Foundation has since placed thousands of homeless dogs into caring, loving homes. This is a nonprofit organization that rescues animals who were spending their last days at City and County shelters. The Amanda Foundation shows dogs and cats every day of the week between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm.

3.The Lange Foundation- 2106 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Founded in 1993 in West LA by Gillian Lange, this organization is a non-profit, no kill shelter that’s mission is to rescue stray and abandoned animals and facilitate adoptions for them. Animals that aren’t adopted remain at the kennel indefinitely without any consequence. Lange has helped rescue and place over 20,000 cats and dogs that would have otherwise been destroyed in shelters. The staff at the Lange Foundation have spent the majority of their lives working with animals in a rescue or veterinary setting.

4. NKLA Animal Shelter- 1845 Pontius Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Led by Best Friends Animal Society, NKLA’s mission is to serve as a model for how the entire country can become no-kill when it comes to animal shelters, with no dog ever having to die in a shelter again simply because they don’t have a home. When the No-Kill Los Angeles shelter was launched in 2012, only 56% of dogs in the city’s shelters made it out alive. But thanks to the hard work of many at NKLA and Los Angeles Animal Services, the Los Angeles community and hard working volunteers, the rate of saved animals is now at 90.49%.

5. Much Love Animal Rescue

Much Love Animal Rescue is dedicated to rescuing abused, neglected, and homeless dogs off the streets and shelters of Los Angeles and placing them in loving, caring homes. This organization is completely non profit and run primarily by their devoted volunteers who offer their time, housing resources, training, transport, and care for these dogs. Since its launch in 1999, Much Love Animal Rescue has placed over 3,500 animals into loving homes.

Because they don’t yet have a permanent facility, Much Love conducts weekend mobile adoptions. There is currently one permanent spot where we show these wonderful animals in need which is at 2515 Main Street in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, CA.

We always encourage adopting a dog from a shelter rather than buying. There are so many dogs in Los Angeles that have been abandoned with no home and this month is the perfect time to honor adoption!







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