Our Process

We're a small business so nothing is mass produced, it's thoughtful and all made with care. We believe in a personal touch. You will find Brooke Mason herself cooking and tasting the meals each time. No joke! She is the taste tester before anything goes to the bagging process.



We carefully source each and every ingredient that goes into our meals. Brooke worked with a Veterinarian so nutrition is the number one focus. We only use USDA-certified, restaurant-quality meat and vegetables. We prep them right here locally in Los Angeles.




We gently and lightly cook your best Mate’s meals so we’re not cooking out the nutrition. We’re meticulous about ensuring all vital nutrients stay sealed in, and our food is highly digestible.


Once cooked, each ingredient is mixed with precision and always in small batches, keeping our meals perfectly balanced and complete.



We offer free local delivery within Los Angeles. That’s right, we personally delivery it to your door in our eco-friendly, re-chargeable TukkaMate car.

Once you receive your special package, it will come frozen, simply put in your freezer. We recommend having four meals ready in the fridge. To minimize our carbon footprint there are two meals per bag and we use resealable bags to make it easy for you.