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About Our Founder

We are 100% Australian, obviously by our branding, our founder Brooke Mason was born in Sydney. She was so frustrated with the food in the stores and what it was doing to her fur babies that she decided to put an end to bad dog food. We make healthy human grade dog food that was carefully developed with our holistic Veterinarian. It's so nutritious and addresses all the issues that dogs are having.

Seasoned entrepreneur, Mason has been helping our people grow their businesses for the past 10yrs. TukkaMate has become a love project that has grown into her number one passion. 

“When it comes to my fur babies, I care only about one thing, their health and well being. With three dogs of my own it’s hard to make sure they get the best care with my busy life. At least I know they eat like kings and queens. They are so happy, energetic and are always rewarded with 5-star vet check-ups. My picky Pepe is no longer picky, my Henri is never itchy and Georgette is as spritely as ever.”

- Brooke Mason

Brooke Mason
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