How many meals per bag?

There are two meals per bag if you feed your Mate 2x daily. For those who feed their Mate 1x per day you can simply feed the one bag as one meal. 

Why should I feed fresh food to my Mate?

Real live food means real nutrients that your pup can actually use. Just like us, you pet needs to eat better than fast food every day. Feeding kibble would be like eating a protein bar for every meal. The exciting part is he or she will have poop that will be half the size since they use all the ingredients. It will also not smell like it used too. Fun side effects for the owners. 

How much is the food?

Plans start at $6/day and includes free delivery. We are fresh restaurant grade food with added real vitamins and nutrients. Each dog is different and a variety of factors include the age, weight, activity level etc. The meals are prepared locally here in Los Angeles and we hire local people to work for us.

What does Human Grade mean?

All our food is bought at the same place the restaurants buy their food. Our owner, try’s every batch of food that is prepared before it gets bagged. We even hear from our doggy parents “By the way; I tried it myself… a small spoonful and it’s delish!” Kaye – West Hollywood. 

How much should my dog eat per day?

We have designed a calculator to carefully figure out the right amount your dog should need. However if you find it’s too much or they need more, we can easily change your plan for you. Just contact us:

​Do I refrigerate the food?

Yes, you want to keep the food frozen and only keep two bags in the fridge thawing out ready to serve the next day. 

​Is the food cooked?

Yes, the food is thoroughly cooked by our TukkaMate chef’s and frozen the same day to ensure freshness and all the nutrients to stay in tact. Our owner and cooks personally taste test each batch and our owner is at every cook day supervising, right through to the bagging and freezing. Every batch is bagged and frozen instantly after cool down all in the same day. We are proud to advertise that all of our ingredients are of restaurant human grade quality. 

Do I heat the food?

No, the food is already cooked and your pup will love it thawed and ready to eat right from the bag. 

Why can’t I cook my dog’s food at home?

You sure can! However Vet’s find that the recipes you make at home lack the essential nutrients your dog needs to live a long healthy life. Serious complications can happen when you don’t feed your Mate the right food or they lack the nutrients for strong healthy bodies. 

Do I ask my Vet if I should make the switch to TukkaMate?

Yes! You should always consult with your Vet when it comes to the health and well-being of your best mate. We are proud to be Vet approved.

How do I start with a subscription delivery?

Just add your pet’s info in when you follow this link: Order Tukka

How do you determine my dog’s portion size?

Once you add the information in through the link we will know what size food to send you. You will add your dog’s age, activity level and size. If you wish to change the size and don’t think it’s the right amount, since some dogs metabolize faster than others, you can do that by contacting us directly: