TukkaMate is designed for your dog’s mind, body and spirit. With the proper nutrition, your dog feels good and is happier, which makes us happy doggy parents. Judging by our lab results, TukkaMate not only meets the nutritional needs of your dog, it exceeds them. 

Why are we different?

There are never any preservatives, flavor enhancers, fake ingredients or anything with the word "meal" attached. No fillers, no GMO's and totally safe for your fur babies!

We are ECO friendly!

We believe in minimizes our carbon footprint to make the world a better place for the next generation.No food goes to waste, any excess produce or egg shells goes right back into the earth. We deliver in electric cars throughout the greater Los Angeles community, avoiding excess postage, packaging and fuels to ship across the country. 

Support Local:

Based in Los Angeles, California, we are dedicated to serving dogs all over the city. Now with a commercial kitchen and a team of dog chefs, this food is available for you too.

“Healthy happy dogs equals happy doggy pawrents!”